Roxy, Khalid's pup, dies


Rising music star Khalid is mourning the loss of his puppy. The puppy died Tuesday night.

He posted a video of his adopted puppy, Roxy, on Facebook with the caption, “fly high Rox I love you.”

Days before Khalid tweeted about her being ill sharing his emotions as he worried about his furry best friend.

In response, fans showed the young dog dad comfort and wished Roxy would get well soon.

Later, tweets revealed she was doing worse and having respiratory issues and an outpouring of sympathy from fans continued.

Khalid adopted the pit bull mix from a Humane Society shelter in the fall and was so inspired by his furry companion that he named his 2018 music tour -- "The Roxy Tour" -- after her. He made the announcement and said, “Through the process, it allowed me to realize how important humane shelters are and how powerful animal adoption can be." He included a pledge to donate a portion from every ticket purchased to a local animal shelter from every location he would perform.

Now that Roxy has died, many fans including are offering their sincere condolences. Any animal lover and pet parents knows it’s difficult to lose a loving pet companion.

Khalid has not shared any more details on how Roxy's health or what the veterinary staff treating her believed could have caused her death. There’s also no word on where she was living or where she was being treated.

With the spring season here, local vets want to remind pet owners to keep the following in mind to help keep their pets in good health and safe:

  • -A spike in temperatures and winds helps to spread two popular deadly illness we see in the borderland; parvovirus and distemper a viral disease.
  • -With warmer temperatures and summer around the corner heart worm is also an issue.
  • -Spring can also spike respiratory issues, allergies, skin rash and a rise in fleas and ticks.
  • -Pet parents can protect puppies and dogs from the elements by ensuring they're up to date on vaccinations. Get a regular vet checkup and make sure their pet tags and microchips are up to date.
  • -With a rise in temperatures, more dogs are spending time outside and some tend to wonder out of their yard. Local shelters see a spike in intake and updated pet ID will help to ensure any lost pets are returned home.
  • -Any puppies that are under 16 weeks of age should not be taken out in public because their immune system is vulnerable to contracting diseases and illnesses.
  • -If your furry friend suddenly has low energy, a dry nose, loss of appetite or tummy issues, don’t wait and take them to a vet right of way.
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