Protecting your canine friends from the sun

It's important to not only utilize sunblock for our canine friends but to ensure it's the right product.

The sunny dog days of summer are around the corner and with these blazing temps already here it's important to protect your dogs the harmful rays

In this week’s pet’s pals learn why sunblock is key to protecting your canine friends.

We know during spring and summer months it’s really important to protect our skin and the same applies to our dogs!

According to Pet MD and veterinarians’ sunscreen is essential for protecting or four legged friends from sun burn and skin cancer.

While all dogs are at risk those with little hair, white coats or fair skin are most vulnerable to the sun.

Exposure to the sun without protection can lead to not only sunburn and rashes but skin cancer.

According to Pet MD there are four common types of skin cancer in dogs; squamous cell carcinoma, malignant melanomas, hemangiomas or hemangiosarcomas.

To prevent these painful and deadly conditions bring your pups in during the sun's peak hours between 11am to 4pm and apply the proper sunblock.

Veterinarians recommend buys sunscreen that is made specifically for dogs otherwise you can try baby sunblock with SPF 15+ just make sure it doesn't have zinc oxide or para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) because they can be toxic.

Once you find the right sunblock you should apply it to sun-sensitive areas on your dog’s body regularly.

These areas include their nose, around their lips, tips of their ears, groin and their belly.

Along with making sure your pup has sunblock ensure they have proper shade and plenty of water.

If your pup is sunburned, you should contact your veterinarian right of way and seek treatment.

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