New Year's pet resolutions

Include your pets in your 2018 resolutions.

2018 means a new year not just for you but for your pets, too.

Now that everyone is back to work and school after holiday break, it's important not to forget about them and not only keep them on a schedule but include them in your resolutions.

Pets can feel left out and even experience anxiety when suddenly a full house is empty again and they're left to wait for their owner or family.

To help our furry friends kick off 2018 on the right paw, here are some pet tips.

First things first!

Double check your pet's ID and make sure pet tags and microchips are up to date and registered with the city shelter.

Often times people have been traveling or have moved and they forget to update these items which can helpful in reuniting you with them if they're lost.

El Paso Animal Services told KFOX14 they've impounded 577 animals just from New Year’s Eve through Jan. 8.

If you've lost a pet, visit their website or stop by the shelter and if you're interested in adopting a furry friend to start the year, there are plenty looking for a forever home.

As for New Year’s resolutions, make sure they include your furry friends and utilize these steps to keep their tails wagging in 2018.

1. Keep a daily routine. Holidays can be stressful, and now that everyone is getting back on track it's important to include your pets! Make sure you keep them on schedule along with you.

2. Exercise first thing in the morning. To keep pets from getting anxious while you're back to work or kids are back to school, try to exercise with them in the morning or spend try at least 10-15 minutes of quality time with them before you go.

3.Leave interactive toys out for entertainment. Leave your pet's favorite toys or food puzzles out to keep them entertained. This will also help them avoid getting bored and becoming destructive.

4.Turn on the radio or TV. Leaving music on or TV that soothes your pet can help reduce stress and separation anxiety. There are special tunes and even shows for pets you can easily find online.

5. Plan activities and recruit help if needed. If you have a really busy schedule, consider hiring a dog walker or asking family to come over and spend time with your pets. Also consider scheduling a special activity or small adventure for your pets

to do together on your day off or the weekend.

6. Make leaving and arriving positive. Consider giving your pet comfort with a treat before you leave and when you get home from work. If you have children, you can have them treat your pets before and after school so they have a positive association with the daily transition.

You should also consider reviewing your pet’s health and fitness for the New Year!

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