New requirements for local groomers and reminders for pet parents

Dog getting groomed at the Paw Wash

Local pet groomers could be required to make changes soon. El Paso city council approved a proposal to look at new requirements Tuesday.

KFOX14 investigates team reported on the proposed changes city council was considering Monday after reports of alleged animal abuse by some pet groomers. Tuesday the council moved forward and approved a bid to create ordinances requiring groomers not only be certified but install surveillance cameras in their workplace. The cameras would have to ensure animals in service are visible to the camera.

While proposed changes are created pet owners should keep the following in mind when considering grooming for their pets and picking a pet groomer.

• Ensure your pet is up to date on all vaccinations and 16 weeks of age and older. You can introduce your puppy to baths at home so they’re not stressed or scared when going to a groomer.

• Never take your pets to the groomers if they’re showing any signs of illness.

• Do some research when picking a groomer and ask for references from your veterinarian and other pet parents.

• Look up online reviews and social media pages or post related to the groomer.

• Although, certification for groomers wasn’t locally required some groomers have gone through extensive training and have credentials. Ask the groomer you’re considering if they have hold any certifications and ask for verification.

• Check the groomers resume and ask them about their experience in this profession.

You wouldn't let just anyone cut your hair so don't trust your pets with just anyone either.

If you chose not to use a local groomer you can consider corporate pet stores such as Petco and PetSmart have groomers in house who have gone through extensive training with the companies and certified by their standards to work in their stores. There are also local vets who offer grooming and have vet technicians certified in grooming as well.

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