Local sanctuary helps saves squirrels

One of many baby squirrels Stick House Sanctuary has helped nurse back to health.

This week some little but wild critters were celebrated across the nation.

National Squirrel appreciation day was Jan. 21 but a local rescue and sanctuary appreciates them year round.

Stick House Sanctuary helps rehabilitate different wildlife and squirrels are one of the many species you'll see at their rescue.

In 2017, they rescued and rehabilitated 23 squirrels in El Paso and released all of them back into the wild.

There are over 200 species of squirrel and Stick House organizers said they mostly see rock and spotted ground squirrels.

The wildlife rehabilitators help nurse and raise young squirrels or treat injured ones back to health before releasing them back to the wild.

Many are found and brought to the sanctuary but others are rescued from homes. Unfortunately, some people think they can be pets but they're not.

It is illegal in Texas, as well as in most states to own wildlife. If someone is keeping a squirrel as a pet please report them to El Paso Animal Services and call 311.

Stick House Sanctuary would like to remind the community to respect the little wild critters and urges people to reach out for help if they see a stranded baby squirrel or injured one.

You can contact them or another local wildlife rehabilitator for guidance.

If you'd like to help the Sanctuary's efforts you can also make a donation which will go towards the care of not only these critters but the other wildlife they rescue year round.

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