El Paso-area animal rescue to host garage sale to fund special rescues

Vinnie is up for adoption at Animal Rescue League

Running a rescue doesn't just take extra hands, love and time, it takes funds, especially for vet care and special needs cases like Vinnie, at Animal Rescue League of El Paso.

He’s a 10-month-old terrier mix with lots of energy, and he's in remarkable shape now. Looking at him you would never know he was run over, but sadly he was not only hit -- others tried to run him over on Doniphan Road, a busy roadway in west El Paso.

Loretta Hyde, kennel manager at ARL, tells KFOX14 Vinnie is a happy survivor now and on his way to a full recovery, not only because of the help from some kind strangers but ARL, which helped to provide veterinary care and shelter for him.

“They brought him in around closing time and I could tell he had a broken leg or pelvis. The people said he got hit by a car and he was dragging his back legs and other cars were trying to run him over, but the people were able to get to him in time. We set him up for the night and then rushed him to the vet first thing the next morning. After his initial X-ray they said it wasn't a broken pelvis, it was a crushed pelvis.”

Vinnie has been in foster care for a few weeks and still has a couple of weeks to go before his pelvis is fully healed. He is actually in need of another foster home or adopter now. He is also not the only animal who's been through a terrible situation and is in need of vet care. Loretta said cases like this are seen year round, and that's why the shelter has to raise funds as much as it can to help provide for these animals. There’s an upcoming event the community can aid to help Vinnie and the others who will come into the shelter looking for a home or special care.

ARL is hosting a garage sale Saturday at the shelter in Canutillo from 6 a.m. to noon.

“It’s an easy way to help, but it takes a lot of work for us to organize. If they have something you want to donate to help raise funds for these guys, we'd greatly appreciate it. We have a lot of space, so it’ll be a nice setup for people to come buy some of these items and donate to our shelter,” said Hyde.

If you have items you’d like to donate to ARL, you can drop them off Friday between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. at the shelter. Hyde said they're looking for items like furniture, kitchen supplies, home décor, toys and clothing.

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