Local animal lovers can still aid pets in East Texas

Vista Hills Animal Hospital in East El Paso has setup a donation box to collect funds for the Texas Medical Veterinary Association. 

Thousands of people and animals have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey, and there are several ways for animal lovers to continue to help our furry friends in East Texas and the organizations that are on the ground saving them.

There are two ongoing donations drives continuing in the borderland through September that you can give to if you would like to help replenish supplies and funds needed.

Currently, there are several shelters and rescue groups helping pet owners get back to their homes to find pets that were lost when the storm hit.

Sadly, thousands of animals were abandoned, some even left behind and tied up, unable to swim to safety during the floods.

There have been several local initiatives to help groups like the Houston SPCA, Austin and San Antonio Pets Alive and the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation.

Here's how you can continue to help these groups that are working to help as many animals as possible.

Dr. Randy Shinaut has set up a donation box at his vet office, the Vista Hills Animal Hospital, for the whole month of September. The office is located at 1426 Lomaland Drive, and all funds are going to the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation. If you can't stop by the office to make a donation, you can donate online through their Facebook. Veterinary technician Bianca Castillo helped to setup the donation drive and says so far, they've received up to $400.

Pet's Barn and Mutt Love Dog Rescue partnered to set up a donation drive and are accepting the following items at their Las Cruces and El Paso locations: crates, dog food, cat food, bowls, collars and leashes. You can drop these items off or buy them in house, and the company will match all purchases in store dollar for dollar with bags of their Activa dog food. The donation drive will end September 17.

Chris Burtz, a manager for Pet's Barn, which is helping to coordinate the drive, said they've received four pallets worth of donations so far. Thanks to EPCC, these items will ship out Friday with other donations they've raised and are dropping off in Houston.

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