'Funky Socks and Furry Friends' ;fundraiser underway

Puppies at the shelter are helping to promote the funky socks and the different colors they come in.

The Animal Rescue League of El Paso wants you to "paw if forward" with some funky socks this holiday season.

The local nonprofit, no-kill shelter, helps to saves the lives of thousands of unwanted kittens, cats, puppies and dogs through adoption and outreach.

Fall is a difficult season for the shelter as staff and volunteers see an influx of animals in need ;In order to help with veterinary and food cost for the animals in their care, the league has setup a fundraiser called "Funky Socks and Furry Friends."

A set of socks cost a total of $12, and comes with three pairs. Fifty percent of the cost is donated to the shelter. ARL's goal is to sell 500 pairs and raise $3,000. So far, 42 pairs have been sold.

Along with helping animals, the shelter plans to help others in need. For every set of socks purchased, another set of thermal socks will be donated by We Help Two. ARL will be donating those socks to local shelters in the El Paso Area.

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