February is Responsible Pet Owner Month

Animal advocates encourage pet owners to be responsible to help save more lives in the community.

February is responsible pet owner’s month and animal advocates are asking pet parents to step it up not only this month but year round to help them reunite lost pets and save lives.

The City of El Paso Animal Services told KFOX14 it's been a busy start to the new year.

In just this first month of 2018 the shelter has already seen close to 2,000 animals come through their doors.

Officials from the shelter said they would like to see more of these get back home to their owners but various factors prevent that from happening. Many animals have no pet I.D. while others are left behind at the shelter and never reclaimed by their owners.

Despite striving to become a no-kill shelter and seeing a rise in adoptions hundreds of animals were still euthanized in January.

Here's a look at the numbers.

· 1,940 animals came into the shelter between January 1st to January 29th.

· 315 were returned to their owners.

· 631 were adopted.

· 225 were euthanized.

The rest of the animals are in foster care, at the shelter or were transferred to other rescues.

Last year the shelter took impounded 25,937 animals and 3,464 were returned to their owners.

Ramon Herrera, spokesman for the El Paso Animal Services said in order to reunite more pets with their owner pet parents need to do their best to have pet I.D on their furry friends; a collar, pet tag and microchip all with updated information.

Some other ways to prevent their pets from getting lost include securing back yards, in the event a pet is lost you can check the shelter website and go in person to look for your pet. Pet owners are also encouraged to check area animal rescues and utilize social media platforms to post about lost and found pets.

Adding other reminders for pet owners he said, “Remember to register your pet! It is a requirement of the city that your pet is registered has a microchip and rabies vaccine. It's not only required but the best thing you can do for your pet. Often times we find animals with tags that we can reunite with owners within minutes so they don’t even step into the shelter. Most of the time we find animals with no pet I.D which makes the chances of reuniting with their owners very slim."

For more information on registering your pet, finding a lost pet or adopting you can contact the shelter.

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