Dog app launches in El Paso to help keep dogs Wagging and walking

Wag is now available in El Paso and the app allows pet owners to book daily walks, sitters or find boarding for their furry friends. 

With busy schedules, some pet parents may find it difficult to get their pups out and about for regular walks or runs, but there’s a new app that just made its services available in El Paso that can help.

Wag is an app that allows pet owners to request a dog walker almost as quickly as an Uber or Lyft but instead of a ride, they can find a dog walker to take their dog on a stroll around town.

You can find a dog walker on the app 24/7 in as little as thirty minutes and book your pup for a walk between 20 minutes or more, up to an hour. The best part is you can track where those paws are going with their GPS "Puppy Tracker."

You also get a walking report card to see how your pup did and how many miles they walked, along with pictures and videos of their adventure. Wag also offers other services, including boarding and pet sitting.

The company and app launched in 2015 in Los Angeles and has expanded to 25 other cities and became available in El Paso in late July.

Briana Moreno is a local dog walker with Wag. She said she used the app herself before applying to work for the company.

"I used it two times for my own dogs and it was great. With wag you can do walking, boarding and sitting as well and it's a pretty simple app to use. All of the walkers are dog lovers and vetted by Wag, most have some experience with animals as vet techs, from shelters or as volunteers. You can also see their bio's and read reviews of their walks. I highly recommend it and say try it at least once. I love working for Wag and the dogs I get to work with are always so happy, and they get to be out and about while their owners are busy," she said.

Wag also partners with Rescue Bank, an organization that helps to provide meals to shelter pets. Wag donates a meal for every dog walked. Currently the company also helps to promote adoptions with shelters in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. We hope to see them do that with our local shelters too.

For more information on Wag, click here or download the app through the Apple Store or Google Play.

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