Bunnies and chicks dumped after Easter weekend

A pair of bunnies who were recently dumped after the Easter weekened are now safe at Stick House Sanctuary.

Following the Easter weekend, a local wild life sanctuary and rescue told KFOX14 they're already seeing several chicks, bunnies and duckling being dumped or surrendered in the borderland.

Advocates made an effort nationally and locally through the “not just 4 Easter” campaign to discourage people from buying these critters as a holiday gift this spring. Despite their efforts and push to educate people on the responsibility of owning a chick, bunny or duckling many purchased them anyway to only have them temporarily.

Julie Morales who runs Stick House Sanctuary, a rescue and wildlife rehabilitator, said this is not the only issue seen year round in the borderland. The illegal breeding and sale of these critters is the catalyst to the purchasing, dumping, surrendering, inhumane treatment and sometimes even abuse of these animals.

Locally all of these actions are against the law.

Morales said stick house sanctuary has already taken in some bunnies who were dumped this week following the Easter weekend. Two of which were infant bunnies around 2 1/5 weeks old. The pair was left in a box at a door step with food they're not old enough to eat.

They’re now in safe hands and being bottle feed. Morales said they will be nurtured until they're old enough for adoption and spay or neutered.

If anyone is aware of illegal breeding, abuse, or witnesses an animal being abandoned they should report it to El Paso Animal Services at 311. In the county reports should be made to the El Paso County Sheriff's office at 915-832-4408.

If you'd like to help the bunnies or other critters and wild life at Stick House Sanctuary you can donate the items needed to help care for them while they're at the rescue and sanctuary.

If you’re interested in adoption find out more.

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