A labor of love: Local baker shares the magic behind every dog biscuit made at Pet's Barn

Pet's Barn Head Baker, Bobby Ladday, shows us the labor of love that goes into every dog biscuit he makes.

Today is the celebration of love and many are doing so with furry Valentines and other pet pals.

KFOX14 found a man with a big heart who celebrates his love for dogs year-round by makes gourmet biscuits for them to eat.

Bobby Ladday is the head baker at Pet's Barn, a pet supply factory and retailer that is locally owned and has been in operation since 1947.

He makes thousands of biscuits daily at their Yarbrough location. The aroma where he bakes smells just like a bakery except for when he bakes certain flavors.

The store makes its own fresh dog food and started baking gourmet treats a few years ago after the owner, Dean Travis, decided they needed to also create their own healthy treats for dogs.

The equipment Ladday uses once made dog biscuits for Disney World.

Travis bought it from a boutique dog biscuit shop years ago while searching for baking equipment in Orlando and moved it to El Paso.

The equipment helps Ladday make 7,500 biscuits daily.

They're made in three different sizes; small, medium and large.

Once they're baked and ready to go they're shipped out to a dozen stores in the borderland and other stores located in San Antonio.

Ladday shared some of the flavors he bakes.

"We've got coconut, cherry like I'm baking now, mint, oatmeal, cheese, peanut butter, and salmon,"

In total there are over 27 different flavors with cherry and blueberry being the most popular.

Ladday has been the head baker from the start and baking these yummy treats for over 7 years now.

He's especially proud to work at Pet's Barn and said baking the biscuits is a labor of love he truly enjoys

"Why give your dog something you can't eat. If it's something you can eat then it's safe for your dog.These ingredients are simple and good for them. Humans can eat them but they're meant for dogs. If I added sugar then all the dog owners would be eating them and we'd be in trouble," he said.

The ingredients used to make the biscuits are human food grade commodities like rolled oats and flour.

Ladday's favorite is Blueberry.

If you want to treat your furry Valentine to some of the special biscuits he bakes you can find them at any local Pet's Barn store.

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