Will Sean Haggerty Drive ever be fully completed?

Sean Haggerty Drive

Jeannie, a KFOX14 viewer in Northeast El Paso, sent me an email in which she said Sean Haggerty Drive needs to be extended all the way to Dyer from U.S. 54.

She asked, "Will this ever take place?"

I put Jeannie’s question to the City of El Paso Streets Department. Spokeswoman Tammy Fonce told me that city planners are working to improve connectivity along Sean Haggerty, but it's a project that's probably still years away.

She said El Paso's Metropolitan Planning Organization is currently developing a long-term transportation plan for the years 2021 to 2045. It won't be finalized until next summer, and while the city has submitted an application to fully connect Sean Haggerty, it'll be up to the M.P.O. to approve it.

She also noted that there's currently no funding for the project, and even if it makes it into the metro transportation plan, funding isn't guaranteed.

But if you believe this is an important transportation project for Northeast El Paso, you should contact the El Paso Metropolitan Planning Organization and attend the meetings of the Transportation Policy Board that governs it. The board is made of local elected leaders from across the Borderland who are charged with deciding our local transportation priorities.

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