Will people in wheelchairs be able to ride El Paso’s refurbished streetcars?

El Paso Streetcar

A KFOX14 viewer named Roy wanted to know if he'd be able to ride on El Paso's refurbished streetcars in his wheelchair when they return to the Sun City.

I put Roy’s question to Raymond Telles, executive director of the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority, which is spearheading the streetcar project.

Telles told me, “Yes,” the refurbished streetcars are also being retrofitted to make sure they comply with the accessibility requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

He said they'll still look like the historic streetcars that ran through downtown El Paso back in the 1950s and '60s, but they'll have a number of 21st century upgrades, including wheelchair ramps and bicycle racks.

Telles also said they're doing final inspections of the streetcars this week in Pennsylvania, where they’re now being refurbished.

He said we should all be able to get a look at our new streetcars in action when testing starts on downtown streets, and if all goes as planned, he expects that will happen in February.

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