Will I get my exit ramp back?


A KFOX14 viewer who calls himself Aggie had this question for me: "Will the Rojas exit ever be brought back?"

He's talking about an area on Loop 375 in Far East El Paso.

Drivers used to take the Rojas exit to get onto I-10 from the Loop. But the Americas Interchange now provides direct access between the two freeways.

Aggie complains that he now has to access Rojas, either through the North Loop or Pellicano exits, depending on the direction he’s traveling. He said traffic often backs up in the area.

I checked with Texas Department of Transportation spokeswoman Jennifer Wright, who said TxDOT has no plans to bring back the Rojas exit on Loop 375. So, Aggie's traffic headaches will continue for the foreseeable future in that area unless he can find a better alternate route.

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