Will Far East El Paso get a new post office?

Post Office

In a recent segment of Just Ask John, I discussed a complaint from Crystal who said she had to stand in long lines to get her mail from the post office in Far East El Paso because she still doesn't have a mailbox in her neighborhood.

Another woman, Trudy, saw the segment and called me with a similar complaint.

She said she's been waiting for her mailbox key since January, and saysadded there's no sign that any cluster mailboxes are going up in her neighborhood.

Trudy told me she too has had to stand in long lines at the same post office, sometimes waiting up to two hours to pick up her mail.

She doesn't accept the U.S. Postal Service's apology for the slow service that’s now drawing complaints in Far East El Paso, and finds it hard to believe that local postal managers are working hard to speed up lines at the post office or provide cluster mailboxes to newly developed neighborhoods in a timely manner.

KFOX14 will continue to follow these complaints and provide you with any new information when we get it.

I also learned that despite all the growth that's happening in Far East El Paso, a Postal Service spokesman said that there are no plans to build another post office in this area anytime in the near future.

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