Why weren't stripes painted on my neighborhood street after it was paved?

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    In response to a "Just Ask John" segment in which I revealed how the city of El Paso decides which streets to repave and when, a KFOX14 Viewer named Laura asked this question: "What about when they pave the whole street, but they don't paint the lines?" She said a lack of striping on Westway Boulevard in her neighborhood has led to close calls when it comes to collisions on the road.

    I went looking for answers on Laura's behalf From El Paso County spokesman, Elhiu Dominguez. He told me the county's public works department repaved Westway Boulevard earlier this year during paving season.

    Paving works best in hot weather such as we see each spring and summer in the Borderland. That's because the heat gives workers more time to smooth out the asphalt to prevent bumps or unsightly seams in the pavement.

    With limited resources, the county does all the paving it can during the warm weather and then paints stripes on the newly paved roads during the rest of the year.

    But the county's paving season has expanded from three to six months, creating a longer delay between the paving and striping.

    Dominguez said the striping season was supposed to start three weeks ago, but recent rainy weather forced a delay.

    He said the striping work would start this week and would begin in an area along Montana Avenue, followed the Westway/Canutillo area. Then, the striping work will move to Horizon City and the Fabens/Tornillo area.

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