Why should I keep my eye on today’s high?

File Photo: Hot Weather in El Paso

If Tuesday's high temperature in El Paso hits 100 degrees, it will match the record for the earliest date to reach triple-digit heat in the Sun City’s history.

It's a record that's has stood for nearly 30 years.

The National Weather Service says the record for the earliest date in the year to hit 100 degrees is May 8, 1989.

KFOX14 Morning News meteorologist Brad Montgomery doesn't think we'll quite reach that high Tuesday, but he say it could happen and he expects a three-digit high will hit by Wednesday.

The average starting date for triple-digit temperatures in El Paso is June 14. So it looks like the 100-degree heat will arrive more than five weeks earlier than average.

Weather records also indicate El Paso typically gets more than 20 days of triple-digit heat in a year, and the average ending date for 100-plus degree heat is Aug. 2.

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