Why isn't the city responding to code violations in my neighborhood?

code enforcement officer.JPG

Phillip, a KFOX14 viewer who lives in Far East El Paso wanted to know why the city's code compliance officers weren't citing homeowners with clear code violations when they're called out to a neighborhood. He complained that the city would ask for every specific address he wanted checked out, even though the code violations would be obvious if officers just visited the neighborhood.

Rick Isiais, a spokesman for the city of El Paso's Environmental Services department, told me that code enforcement officers do patrol neighborhoods throughout the city, proactively opening cases and citing homeowners when they see violations. But he said those officers are especially busy this time of year, the height of brush season, and they're responding to more complaints as they come in from across the city. In turn, they're spending less time on patrol. But Isiais added, code compliance officers are still going out on patrol.

It could also be the case that officers have notified homeowners of alleged code violations, but they're now in a legal process that could take months to resolve before the code violation is addressed.

If you notice a code violation you want checked out, you should call the city of El Paso's helpline at 311.

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