Why is the road linking Horizon City to Montana Vista in such bad shape?

Ascension Street

Thomas from Horizon City sent me an email complaining about the maintenance of Ascension Street, which connects Horizon to Montana Vista.

He said crews are constantly repaving the road and repairing giant tears in the asphalt. Thomas asked, "Why don't they just do it right and quit wasting our money?"

I took his concerns to El Paso County Commissioner Vince Perez, who represents the area.

Perez told me that the contractor the county hired in 2014 to repave Ascension did shoddy work that didn't meet the county's “standards or expectations.”

He said the pavement was inappropriately applied to the existing road, which is why drivers are now seeing potholes and tears in the road.

Perez also said the contractor who did the shoddy work has since gone out of business, leaving the county to deal with the mess.

The commissioner said county road crews keep a constant eye on Ascension and repair the parts of the road that pose the greatest risk to drivers.

But some big changes could be coming to this road that provides the most direct link between Montana Vista and Horizon City. I’ll tell you more about that in my next blog post Thursday morning.

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