Why is only one temperature listed for El Paso?

Why is only one temperature listed for El Paso?

A KFOX14 viewer named Jesse sent me this question: "Why does the National Weather Service just report one temperature for El Paso and offer the same rain chance percentage for the entire city?"

I took those questions to KFOX14 meteorologist Brad Montgomery. He said the National Weather Service gets the city's official temperature at El Paso International Airport. Brad told me that while the temperature can vary a few degrees around town, over a long period of time, they average out, and the recorded high and low temperatures at the airport provides a good snapshot of our local climate.

It also simplifies things when it comes to record keeping and determining things like record high and low temperatures.

As for the chance for rain, when Brad says that there's a 50% chance of rain, he means that literally. You have a 50/50 chance of seeing rain on your street. But that 50% chance also indicates it's very likely precipitation will hit somewhere in the city.

Brad also told me that if he expects a big differential in either temperatures or rain chances around town, such as between East El Paso and the Westside, he'll make note of it in his forecast.

The National Weather Service website can provide you with a forecast that's much more specific to your location. You can enter your ZIP code and get the forecast for the neighborhoods in that ZIP code.

It also provides a map from which you can pick specific locations with the click of a mouse and get the forecast for that area. For example, you can see just how much cooler it will be up in the Franklin Mountains than it is in town.

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