Why hasn't anything changed on Loop 375 after all that construction?

Loop 375 construction.JPG

A KFOX14 viewer named Michelle sent me this question: "Loop 375 has had construction for months. After the barricades were removed it looks exactly the same. What was done?"

While Michelle wasn't specific about the location along the loop she was referring to, I assume it was out in Far East El Paso, where road crews have been doing a lot of work in recent months.

I took Michelle's question to TxDOT spokeswoman Jennifer Wright. She said all that road work was part of the Loop 375 widening project, which will add a lane in both directions from Bob Hope Drive to Montana Avenue.

She said the widening project is currently on hold while crews deal with a clay deposit that's literally caused a bump in the road.

Wright said once they deal with that issue, TxDOT crews will then restripe the lanes on the highway to allow traffic on the newly created lanes. She expects that to happen by Easter.

Drivers should then be able to enjoy less traffic congestion in both directions along this stretch of Loop 375.

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