Why does my drinking water smell like chlorine?

A KFOX14 viewer named Bernie sent this question to Just Ask John: "Why does our water smell of heavy chlorine?"

I took Bernie’s question straight to the source, El Paso Water, to get an answer.

A spokesman for the water utility, Josh Moniz, sent me a statement in which he said, "El Paso Water places the highest priority on providing safe, reliable drinking water to our customers. We use chlorine to ensure drinking water remains safe to drink once it leaves our facilities."

Moniz then said the chlorine smell in its water is sometimes more pronounced when the utility switches from groundwater sources to water from the Rio Grande.

He added that the chlorine smell may also be more noticeable after a water main break and some people are more sensitive to the smell.

Moniz said the chlorine smell is usually temporary, but if it's an ongoing or recurring problem in your home, call El Paso Water's customer service line at (915) 594 5500.

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