Why do recyclables get thrown away with trash?


    Questions and complaints about the city of El Paso's recycling program get the attention of this "Just Ask John."

    Martin, a KFOX14 viewer, complained that when garbage trucks come to his neighborhood, it looks like they throw in recyclables with the rest of the trash. He also wanted to know why he has to pay for the recycling service.

    I took Martin's questions to the city's environmental services department, which is in charge of garbage pickup and collecting recyclables.

    Environmental services spokesman, Rick Isaias told me there is no separate recycling fee, the city simply charges a $19 per month trash collection fee and recycling is a voluntary program that you can take part in, or ignore.

    Isaias also said recycle bins shouldn't be emptied into garbage trucks headed to the landfill, but the city's trucks all look the same, so that may be causing confusion about where recyclables are going. Recyclables go to the Friedman recycling facility, located off Railroad Drive in Northeast El Paso.

    I received other questions and complaints about the city's recycling program, which I'll address in upcoming posts.

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