Why did they lower the speed limit on I-10?

Speed limit in northwest El Paso along I-10

Lorena emailed this question to Just Ask John: “Why was the speed limit lowered to 60 miles per hour on I-10 East just past the Vinton exit as I drive into El Paso from Las Cruces?”

I, too, noticed the speed limit drop from 75 mph to 60 mph on I-10 at the Artcraft Exit as I’m driving toward Las Cruces.

TxDOT spokeswoman Jennifer Wright told me that the Texas Transportation Commission allows cities to determine the speed limits on state highways within their city limits. She said El Paso City Council voted to lower the speed limit from 75 mph down to 60 mph.

I then checked with the city to find out why the speed limit was lowered. Tammy Fonce, a spokeswoman for the city streets department, said TxDOT officials had requested the lower speed limit because of construction along the interstate.

She said the 60 mph speed limit is temporary. But even though it appears construction along that stretch of I-10 has been completed, Fonce said there's been no date scheduled for reverting the speed limit back to 75 mph in that area.

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