Who will investigate my dog being run over by a car?

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A KFOX14 viewer named Anthony sent in this question: “What can I do about someone running over my dog?" He indicated there were witnesses to what happened.

I took Anthony's question to El Paso Animal Services. The department's spokesman, Ramon Herrera told me that if your pet is run over, you should first call the city's 311 hotline and they'll refer you to the right person to investigate your case.

He said a variety of factors that can affect how each case is handled. For example, under Texas law, a domesticated animal is considered property. So if a dog was running loose, off its property, its owner could be cited. The pet owner could also held liable if there's damage to the vehicle that ran over the dog or if someone in the car was injured during the incident.

In a case where you believe someone maliciously or intentionally ran over your dog, investigators will pursue an animal cruelty charge if they believe they can prove there was malicious intent.

You should provide investigators with any information you have about the vehicle involved, such as its license plate number, the make and model of the vehicle, and of course, when and where it happened.

In addition, you should provide the contact information for any witnesses.

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