Who do I call to repair potholes in my neighborhood?

pot holes

A KFOX14 viewer named Diane wanted to know how the city of El Paso decides to repave a road rather than simply filling potholes in the street.

I learned the city relies on the results of something called a "pavement condition index" to identify streets that need major repairs, such as resurfacing or reconstruction.

City spokeswoman Tammy Fonce told me the criteria laid out in the index are used to evaluate the pavement conditions of all the streets that are maintained by the city of El Paso.

While that process takes years, Fonce pointed out that potholes can be fixed immediately. When you find potholes in your neighborhood or on the streets where you drive, your best bet is to call the city of El Paso's customer service center at 311. Just let the operator know where the pothole or any other street or sidewalk problem is located, and the operator will pass on that information to the city streets and maintenance department. A city crew should then respond within a few days.

Also, if you feel your issue is not being properly addressed, you should contact the El Paso city representative who serves your neighborhood who may be able to expedite the help.

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