Where can low-income families find housing help?

Wait list to open for the Housing Authority of El Paso units

Corina in Socorro asked me whether there are any housing programs for low-income families that she could apply for.

A number of programs are available, but they usually come with waiting lists.

The Housing Authority of the City of El Paso, also known as HACEP, provides assistance in several ways and you don't have to live within El Paso city limits to apply for them.

However if you do qualify for the housing and accept an invitation to move in, you’ll have to move into whichever property is being offered.

The public housing authority also has a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program. HACEP spokesman Javier Camacho told me that this program gives families a little more flexibility in where they choose to live. They can find the place where they want to live and use their Section 8 voucher to subsidize the rent.

He also said the housing authority’s waiting lists are now accepting applications for several public housing communities across the city.

People who are interested can go to HACEP’s website and click on the tab for “Housing and Assistance Programs” to learn more.

HACEP also plans to open two new communities on El Paso's east side early next year that will provide more housing for low-income families.

El Paso county also has a public housing authority, but its website indicates it's not currently taking applications for its waiting list.

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