When's one of the few times drivers can legally have a cellphone in their hands?

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    Most cities and states have laws that make it illegal for you have a cellphone in your hands while driving, but there is usually an exception to that rule. That's when you have an emergency and need to call 911.

    One of the more common emergencies this time of year, when there's a lot of holiday traffic, involves road rage.

    The Las Cruces Police Department has released a list of tips to help you respond in a road rage situation..

    The first piece of advice is try and do your part to keep it from happening in the first place by driving with courtesy and following the rules of the road.

    Also, you shouldn't escalate the situation by yelling at another driver, giving them the finger, or honking your horn.

    If you find yourself confronted by an angry driver, avoid interacting with them.

    But if the situation turns dangerous and you feel threatened, that's when you can pick up your cellphone and call 911.

    Though if you have a passenger, have them call emergency dispatchers.

    Let dispatchers know the make and model of the road rage vehicle, license plate number and what the suspect is doing.

    Then if you can, drive to a safe place, such as a busy, well-lit parking lot, or the nearest police station.

    A final bit of advice is to avoid distracted driving if you want to prevent road rage.

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