When will U.S. 54 be a complete freeway?

US-54 in El Paso. Credit: KFOX14

Stephen, a KFOX14 Viewer, wanted to know why the freeway portion of U.S. 54 has never been completed beyond Sean Haggerty Drive in Northeast El Paso.

He said traffic backs up every morning where the freeway ends and wants to know if drivers in the northeast will ever get relief in the form of a completed Patriot Freeway to the New Mexico state line.

It's something I've wondered as well when I make the drive to Alamogordo and Cloudcroft.

So I went to the Texas Department of Transportation in search of answers. TxDot spokeswoman Jennifer Wright told me that there is a plan to complete the freeway, but it's literally “down the road” a few years.

The first phase will involve extending the freeway portion of U.S. 54 from Kenworthy street to McCombs street. That project is currently scheduled to start in the year 2023.

Next, U.S. 54 would be completed as a freeway to the NM state line starting in the year 2031.

But Wright said these dates are tentative and subject to change.

For example, she said that one TxDot planner told her that the more likely completion date of the Patriot Freeway to the state line would be in 2034.

However, if local transportation planners decide the project deserves to be more of a priority, the completion date could be moved up as well.

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