When will the city finish the Northgate Transit Center?

Northgate Transit Center

A KFOX14 viewer named Jesus sent me this question: "When will they finish the Northgate Transit Center, and will taxpayers have to pay for the project's delay?"

I took Jesus's question to the city of El Paso’s public transit service, and Sun Metro Director Jay Banasiak sent me a statement in reply.

He said Sun Metro's new Northgate transfer station is actually on schedule, with most of the construction wrapping up in mid-March. He said the city plans to host a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new facility in mid-April.

Banasiak said additional work was requested at no additional cost, and that work should be completed by the end of this month, which might have given some people the impression there was a project delay.

He added that while the bus terminal's completed, work still needs to be done on the outside of the facility and its archway.

The city announced the Northgate project in December, 2014.

The overall redevelopment of the old Northgate Park Mall surrounding the transit center has been delayed until the spring of 2019.

The city said that's because the Federal Emergency Management Agency recently determined that part of the 30-acre site sits on a floodplain. So some of the buildings will need to be moved or reconstructed.

El Paso Water is also working with the city to raise the ground level to a point that it can be approved by FEMA.

Other elements of the Northgate project include a senior living facility, restaurants, retail stores and offices.

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