When will Ascension Street get improvements?

Ascension Street

In my previous Just Ask John post, I told you about a KFOX14 viewer's complaints about Ascension Street, which provides the most direct connection between Horizon City and Montana Vista.

I reached out to El Paso County Commissioner Vince Perez, who represents the area. He told me it was “shoddy work” by a contractor that led to potholes and tears in the road's pavement.

But he also shared with me some interesting information about the future of Ascension Street. He said because of its growing traffic volume, the road will likely undergo a complete reconstruction that will go beyond simply repaving the street.

The county’s public works department is now evaluating its options for reconstructing Ascension without completely shutting down the road while the construction is happening. But there's no timeline yet for when the construction could start.

Commissioner Perez said the county is working diligently to meet the demands of this fast growing area, and is prepared to spend tens of millions of dollars on new road construction starting this year.

He advises people who are interested in the county's road infrastructure to attend a public meeting that's happening on Wednesday, March 7, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Texas Department of Transportation’s El Paso district headquarters.

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