What’s the $10 million project coming to Zaragoza and Montwood?

Zaragoza and Montwood intersection in far east El Paso.

I have an update on a question I got last week, asking when the intersection of Zaragoza and Montwood will get new road striping.

A KFOX14 viewer named Rick was concerned that a lot of drivers use the bike lane at the intersection because the striping on the road isn't very clear. He believes it's an accident that's just waiting to happen.

While the restriping of this busy intersection is still several months away, the Texas Department of Transportation does plan to start a major $10 million improvement project at the Zaragoza/Montwood intersection.

It'll include a four-lane curb and gutter divided road section with two lanes in each direction and a 14-foot raised median to connect Zaragoza Road, between Montwood Drive and Loop 375.

The TxDOT project will also include bike lanes and sidewalks for pedestrian traffic, as well as all the restriping the streets will need.

The work is scheduled to start in August.

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