What's it like to drive on Loop 375 in Far East El Paso now?

Loop 375 in far east El Paso

I have an update on a story I first reported in March.

A KFOX14 viewer named Michelle complained then that after months of construction on Loop 375 in Far East El Paso, nothing seemed to have changed.

I reached out to Texas Department of Transportation and learned that it was a widening project that added a third lane in both directions along the loop, between Montana Avenue and Bob Hope Drive.

TxDOT said that once crews completed restriping work the new lanes would open and that would happen by about Easter.

I've since traveled that stretch of Loop 375 in both directions and sure enough, it's now a six lane highway with three lanes in each direction. It currently reaches from just past Pellicano Drive to Montana.

It's greatly reduced traffic congestion in the area. Cars and trucks used to back up along this part of the loop, especially during rush hour.

I also recently checked out the drive during rush hour, shortly after 5 p.m., and was able to easily move from one lane to another and travel at the posted speed limit without any problems.

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