What were 2018's most popular names?

What were 2018's most popular names? (Source: Pexels)

I offer a look back at 2018 with the answer to this question: "What were the most popular names given to newborns last year?"

The New Mexico Department of Health released a list of the state's most popular baby names for 2018 that were compiled from birth certificates over the year.

The five most popular names for girls last year in New Mexico were: Isabella, Mia, Sophia, Olivia and Emma. The five most popular boy's names were: Noah, Liam, Elijah, Logan and Mateo.

The state of Texas didn't release a list of 2018's most popular names, but you can get a good idea of what they are by going to the Social Security website, which lists the most popular names given to newborns each year through 2017.

The Texas list looks a lot like New Mexico's, with one key difference. Among girls, Emma is the most popular name of all in the Lone Star State, compared to being fifth most popular in New Mexico. It's followed by Mia, Isabella, Sophia and Olivia.

Among newborn boys in Texas, Noah was the most popular name last year, just as it was in New Mexico. Noah was followed by Liam, Sebastian, Mateo and Elijah.

Nationwide, the Social Security Administration says Liam was the most popular boy's name, while Emma was the most popular girl's name in 2017.

Meanwhile,, which claims it has a more accurate name calculator, ranked Jackson as the most popular boy's name in 2018, with Sophia being the most popular girl's name.

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