What security changes are coming to Las Cruces Public Schools?

Conlee Elementary School (Photo Credit: KFOX14/CBS4)

Michelle asked me why Las Cruces Public Schools have police officers at the district's middle school and high school campuses, but not at the district's elementary schools.

Her question came after Las Cruces police arrested a man last month for allegedly threatening to shoot up Conlee Elementary School.

As I explained in an earlier segment, LCPS spokeswoman Jo Galvan told me that because of limited resources, the school district places Las Cruces police officers where they're needed most, which is at the middle school and high school campuses.

But we also brought you a story about arming security guards at LCPS. To clarify, that only involves arming one person. He’s Todd Gregory, the school district's director of public safety and a former Las Cruces police officer.

The newly created public safety department within LCPS is currently undergoing a reorganization, but that doesn't include hiring any new personnel, so there are no plans to put more security officers in elementary schools.

LCPS is also implementing new security measures across the school district, including things like security cameras, alarms and upgraded intercom systems.

Parents with concerns about campus security should contact the principal at their child's school or the Las Cruces School Board about their concerns.

In addition, it might be worth reaching out to Mr. Gregory, the district's public safety director.

Finally, next February, there will be a bond election for Las Cruces Public schools. Galvan says that will include money for additional security measures.

Concerned parents could push for additional school resource officers to be included in that bond.

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