What does it take to get street lights replaced?

Ed, a KFOX14 viewer, sent in this question: "What does it take to get a street light replaced?"

Ed complained that he called the City of El Paso helpline and his city representative trying to get a street light replaced, but six weeks later, there's still no street light.

I took Ed's question to the city's Streets and Maintenance Department and learned that El Paso Electric owns thousands of street lights around town.

In fact, all the high pressure sodium street lights that are connected to transmission poles are owned by the electric company, while most neighborhood street lights are LED lights owned by the city.

City spokeswoman Tammy Fonce told me there are about 14,000 high pressure sodium street lights in the city and about 19,000 LED street lights.

She said regardless of who owns the street light, all requests for light replacements or repairs should go to the city's 311 helpline, and either city crews will replace the light, or the city will put in a work order with El Paso Electric.

While Ed complained about going six weeks without a street light, Fonce says six weeks is the typical time frame for getting a street light replaced or repaired regardless of whether it belongs to the city or the electric company.

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