What does it take to get school lockers fixed?

In an email, a KFOX14 viewer said students keep getting their things stolen because the lockers at Americas High School are broken.

Maricela, a KFOX14 viewer sent this question to Just Ask John: "Why does the Socorro School District refuse to fix or change out the lockers for the football team at Americas High School?"

In an email, Maricela told me that students keep getting their things stolen because the lockers are broken.

I took her concerns to Socorro School District spokesman, Daniel Escobar. He wrote me to say administrators at Americas High told him that locks on the lockers were addressed, but that did not fully mitigate the potential for them to be forced open. So student athletes at Americas High now have the option of putting their things in the coach's office.

They may have to do that for a while. Escobar said the Socorro School District has “no immediate plans” to replace the lockers. However, he said the district is conducting an assessment of facility needs and the football lockers at Americas High are on that list.

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