What do I do? El Paso County is suing me for back taxes on a property I don't own!

El Paso home

Gloria, a KFOX14 viewer, said El Paso County served her notice that it was suing her for delinquent taxes on a property she didn’t own.

She said a deputy told her that it was likely because several people share her first and last name. Gloria wanted to know how she could straighten out this mess without having to hire an attorney.

I took Gloria's dilemma to the El Paso Central Appraisal District. CAD’s executive director and chief appraiser, Dinah Kilgore, responded in an email.

She said Gloria should contact the law firm that contracts with the city of El Paso's Consolidated Tax Office to collect delinquent property taxes.

The law firm of Delgado, Acosta, Spencer, Linebarger and Perez, sends out the letters notifying property owners about delinquent taxes.

Kilgore said Gloria can work with the firm’s attorneys to confirm that she doesn't own the property and get her name removed from the delinquent property tax bill.

Finally, Kilgore said, if Gloria has any trouble there, to give her a call at the Central Appraisal District.

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