Is there a plan to address growing traffic congestion on Montana Avenue?

Plans for construction on Montana Avenue. (Courtesy: TXDOT)

I've been getting a lot of questions and complaints lately about traffic problems in Far East El Paso.

Traffic planners from the city to the state level have told me that the root of the problem is how fast this part of El Paso county has grown, exceeding even their fast growth forecasts.

But those same planners are now gearing up for some major changes to the traffic flow in Far East El Paso.

The biggest example is the Texas Department of Transportation’s $121 million project to reconstruct Montana Avenue from Global Reach Drive all the way to Zaragoza Road.

A TxDOT animation shows what the area could look like in just a few years. It will essentially turn Montana Avenue into a freeway that will look a lot like Loop 375, complete with frontage roads.

It'll give drivers more options for getting to and from the places they want to go.

TxDOT plans to begin putting out bids for the project this spring, with construction likely starting a few months after that.

But it also means that if you live in Far East El Paso you can expect more traffic detours and delays until the project's completed, and some traffic issues won't be addressed until contractors arrive at specific intersections as they rebuild the affected roads.

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