Is any traffic relief planned for Zaragoza Road?

Zaragoza Road

A second driver sent me a complaint about traffic backing up along Zaragoza Road in Far East El Paso.

This KFOX14 viewer complained about the lack of a right-turn lane from North Zaragoza onto Tierra Este. He told me traffic often backs up on Zaragoza, as drivers try to turn onto Tierra Este as they're making their way home.

While Tierra Este is a local street maintained by the city, Zaragoza is a state road that’s the responsibility of the Texas Department of Transportation.

I reached out to TxDOT to find out if there are any improvements planned for this increasingly busy area for local drivers.

TxDOT spokeswoman Jennifer Wright said not only are improvements coming, but there’s a major construction project now in the final planning stages that will change the traffic flow in Far East El Paso. She said the project’s needed because the growth in this part of town has far exceeded what planners predicted just a decade ago.

TxDOT engineers have come up with a $121 million project that soon begin accepting bids from contractors.

Wright said TxDOT will reconstruct Montana Avenue from Global Reach to Zarogoza, essentially turning Montana into a freeway linking the two areas. The project will also involve reconstructing roads across the area, as engineers reroute traffic flow in Far East El Paso.

In my next Just Ask John blog post on Thursday, I'll let you know more about this project and when work could begin.

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