How much do arts and cultural groups contribute to El Paso's economy?

El Paso Museum

The City of El Paso Museums and Cultural Affairs Department last week released the results of a national study that gives the community an idea of what nonprofit arts and cultural groups contribute to the local economy.

A group called Arts and Economic Prosperity took a look at our local cultural activities and arts scene.

It estimated that arts and culture generate more than $103 million a year in economic activity for El Paso. That's up more than 13 percent from the original study, which the group conducted a decade ago.

The new study also found arts and culture support nearly 4,200 full-time jobs in El Paso and contribute nearly $6 million in revenue to local and state governments.

El Paso’s museums and galleries were closed for the Christmas holiday, but are now back open on their regular schedules.

So if you've got some time off this week, you might consider visiting them or taking in a show, and giving a boost to the local economy.

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