How many ties does John own?

Ties that KFOX14 Morning News anchor John Purvis owns.

Cathy posted this question on my Facebook page: "Hi John, inquiring minds want to know how many ties do you own?"

I counted up the total for the first time ever on Wednesday, and learned I have 34 ties in all.

I must admit, I don’t wear many of the ties anymore, basically because I'm too lazy to go through them all and decide which ones to throw away.

One of the main reasons I keep so many ties on hand is to try and color-coordinate with my co-anchor.

But even with all the ties I have, Kezhal Dashti will sometimes show up with a color I just can't quite match, which happened Thursday morning when my red tie didn't quite match her orange dress.

By the way, I just bought five new ties, which brings my total tie collection up to 39.

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