How many robocalls are Borderland residents receiving?

    Robocalls are a growing problem in the Borderland.

    This is a followup to a couple of "Just Ask John" segments from October about the growing problem of spam calls and robocalls. It's a problem that has skyrocketed this year.

    A company that provides call blocking technology, First Orion, recently revealed it analyzed more than 50 billion calls made over the past 18 months and found that spam calls have gone from less than 4 percent of all cellphone calls in 2017, to nearly 30 percent of all calls this year. The company expects spam calls will make up nearly half of all cellphone calls by next year.

    I also recently obtained information from another company that provides call blocking technology, Teltech.

    Teltech officials told me the El Paso/Las Cruces area received 20.6 million robocalls in October alone.

    That's an average of 26 spam calls per person in our metro area, and officials with the company say it's 25 percent higher than the national average.

    Next week, I'll let you know about an app that Teltech now provides that can help you stop spammers from bothering you by bothering them instead.

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