How long has John Purvis been an anchor at KFOX14?

John Purvis

A KFOX14 viewer named Mello sent me this question: "How long have you been a news anchor with KFOX and how was your first day?"

On Dec. 18, I'll celebrate my 18th anniversary as an anchor here at KFOX.

Back when I started in 2000, we had only one daily newscast, KFOX News at Nine.

As with any new job, I was nervous my first day but excited to come back to El Paso, where I had worked at another local station during the 1990s.

Among all of the places I've worked, including Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Santa Fe and my hometown of Roswell, El Paso has been my favorite place to work. It's a big reason why I've stuck around so long.

Another question viewers often ask: "Why is there constant turnover in the people I see on local TV stations?"

For many young reporters and anchors, El Paso is a stepping stone to other places. For example, my co-anchor Kezhal Dashti is about to leave after working on the KFOX14 Morning News since 2015. She's going home to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, where she'll be an anchor on WFAA-TV's morning newscast.

KFOX14 traffic anchor Kandolite Flores is also leaving this week. She's about to give birth to a baby boy and now wants to spend as much time as she can with her new son.

Others leave for financial reasons because the pay's not that great when you're starting out in the TV news business.

There are many reasons why people come and go on the air, but I stick around because this is home for me.

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