How does the city of El Paso decide when to repave streets?


    Diane, a KFOX14 viewer, wanted to know how the city of El Paso decides which roads to repair.

    She wanted to know if there are criteria the city uses to determine when street crews stop simply filling potholes and actually repave streets.

    I reached out to the city streets department, and spokeswoman Tammy Fonce emailed me some information.

    She said the city relies on the results of something called a "pavement condition index" to identify streets that need major repairs such as resurfacing or reconstruction.

    According to Fonce, the criteria laid out in the index are used to evaluate the pavement conditions of all streets that are maintained by the city of El Paso. It's a bureaucratic procedure that usually takes place over years.

    But Fonce said if you see a pothole on a street in your neighborhood or where you drive, you should report it immediately and a city crew should respond in a timely manner to fill the pothole.

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