How do voters with disabilities cast ballots?


    Irma from Anthony, Texas, asked this question: "How do blind or visually impaired people vote?"

    I checked the El Paso County Elections Department website and found a section for voters with special needs.

    The department says it's made provisions to ensure voters with disabilities can cast their ballots independently and in secret.

    Every polling station is supposed to provide a voting system that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act, also known as ADA.

    To get assistance, the voter should be able to simply tell an election official at the polling place they need help. The voter can then be assisted by a person of their choice on election day, either someone who's not an election worker, or by two election workers.

    Visually impaired voters in El Paso can also request audio ballots to cast their votes.

    But there have been complaints about the equipment not working well or poll workers who seem ignorant of the rules they're supposed to enforce. For example, poll workers standing right behind a visually impaired voter who wanted to cast her ballot in private, with help from a friend.

    In New Mexico, the secretary of state approved a new rule this year that allows blind or visually impaired voters to cast absentee ballots electronically to provide them with privacy.

    New Mexico also allows voters with disabilities to bring a person of their choice with them to help them mark their ballots.

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