How do I become a police officer?

El Paso police academy

A KFOX14 viewer named Miguel sent me this simple, straightforward question: "How do I become a police officer?"

While his question is simple, the answer's a lot more complicated.

To begin with, there are basic qualifications you'll need just to apply. For example, to become an El Paso police officer, you must be a U.S. citizen with a high school diploma or GED, at least some college credit hours and no serious offenses on your record.

Then once you apply, there are a series of challenges you'll have to meet. They include passing a reading, writing, and decision making-making skills assessment, successfully completing four different physical agility tests, and pass a background check and drug test. In addition, you'll need to successfully complete medical, psychological and lie detector screenings.

If you're able to do all that, then you can get into the police academy.

KFOX14 reporter Genevieve Curtis has produced an award-winning series, "Becoming the Badge." You can learn more by watching all of her reports. You'll find "Becoming the Badge" under the “Community” tab at

On Thursday, I’ll let you know just how tough it is to successfully make it through the full screening process to become an El Paso police officer.

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