How do I add an address to Google Maps?

Google Maps

A KFOX14 viewer named Debbie asked me, "How can I get my street, Eagle Vista Drive, on Google Maps?"

I checked online and learned Eagle Vista Drive is part of a new residential subdivision that's now under construction in El Paso's Upper Valley.

I then asked Google how to add a street address to its maps and received a couple of answers.

The first was to log on to Google Maps, search for an address and if it doesn't show up, click on “add a missing place.”

To do that, you'll have to sign in on Google Maps, which promises to provide you with an email update when the address is added.

The other way Google Maps says you can do it is to click “suggest an edit” and follow the instructions from there.

You can also use these prompts to change incorrect information about an address or to add additional details about the location.

The company will ask for as much information about the location and yourself as you're willing to provide.

Google also said it may take some time to get your address added to its maps because it has to review each proposed addition or edit.

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