How did Texas earn its ranking as the nation's most lustful state?

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    The personal finance website,, just ranked each state based on its sinfulness.

    Overall, Texas ranked as the nation's fourth most sinful state, but the Lone Star State topped the list when it came to lust.

    The survey was based on the seven deadly sins, ranking each state in seven categories: Anger and hatred, jealousy, excess and vices, greed, vanity, laziness and lust.

    For example, the "anger and hatred" category was measured using data such as violent crimes per capita, the state's bullying rate and hate groups per capita, while jealousy was measured with theft and fraud figures.

    Each category was given equal weight and Texas managed to top the "lust list," based on measures like the teen birth rate, Google searches for pornography, the amount of time spent on adult entertainment websites and prostitution arrests.

    While Texas ranked as the most lustful state, it proved much less susceptible to the sin of greed, ranking only 44th in the nation. Greed was measured by data such as casinos per capita, charitable donations and people arrested for embezzlement.

    Meanwhile, New Mexico ranked as the country's 11th most sinful state. Its biggest sin was jealousy, ranking fourth in the nation.

    Nevada ranked as the nation's most sinful state overall, while Vermont was the least sinful.

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